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The 4Earth Anti Slip Service

4Earth Solutions have some of the best anti slip products on the market and there are very few floors we cannot anti slip. Using varying different treatments and coatings, we anti slip floors from natural stone to bamboo, from concrete to vinyl and everything in between!

Our flagship product ‘4Earth Mineral Tile Anti Slip' is manufactured by us in the UK and is as safe an anti slip treatment as you'll find.


The product requires no down time for the customer because 1) Its a wash on wash off treatment so requires no dry time and 2) we almost always conduct our work out of working hours so businesses don't have disruption to their productivity.


Our specialist anti slip team work to the highest possible standard and will show your business the utmost care and respect during the anti slip process.


A non-exhaustive list of environments that we cover include -


  • Schools

  • Gyms / Health Clubs

  • Bars / Restaurants

  • Railway Stations

  • Shopping Centres

  • Industrial Settings

  • Factories

  • Showrooms

  • Hotels

  • Kitchens

  • Stadia etc


For any enquiries into any of our services and products please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Our Customers Include:

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