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As a company our aim is to help both businesses and the public safe. We can determine if the floors on your premises are fit for purpose through the means of a Pendulum Test. Accidents caused by slips can cost companies big through court claims, our testing and advice will give you peace of mind.

Slips and trips are the most common cause of injury at work. On average, they cause over a third of all major injuries and over 40% of all reported injuries to members of the public. HSE statistics suggest that most of these accidents are slips, most of which happen when floor surfaces are contaminated (water, talc, grease, etc).

The Workplace (Health, Safety and Welfare) Regulations 1992 require floors to be suitable, in good condition and free from obstructions. People must be able to move around safely.



The testing that 4Earth carries out gives a reading on the slip resistance of your floor, this reading will show if the floor is safe or unsafe. The test uses a Pendulum Test machine which gives a PTV reading. Whether the floor is dry or wet the HSE UK Slip Resistance Group recommendations are that the reading value must be 36 or above to be deemed safe.

4Earth testers have been trained by the machine manufacturers KSS to test the floors to the British Standard BS7676. Every test we carry out is carried out on a variety of directions on several surfaces to determine the best possible overview of the safety of the floor. A report will then be written and sent to you within 48 working hours of the tests being completed.



4Earth quote on Pendulum Tests based on location and number of areas that require testing. If you would like us to do a quote for your business please contact us on 0191 567 0300 or email


All prices include testing and report with guidance and recommendations.

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