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The Key to Sparkling Alloy Wheels

Hello everyone!

This weeks blog is going to be focused on the best way to clean your cars alloy wheels.

At we supply 4Earth HD Alloy Wheel Cleaner for this task.

The product is a mixture of inhibited acids and solvents, designed to penetrate and dissolve grease, oil and stubborn grime that collects on your vehicles wheels from the road.

Using the product is very simple and for the benefit of this blog I kindly volunteered to clean the wheels on my sisters VW Beetle. The results of the clean are shown below.

You can see yourself what difference the alloy wheel cleaner has made to the wheel (sorry about the scratches!)

Now, to get you wheels looking just as good as this you simply need to follow these instructions:

  • Spray on the alloy wheel cleaner, one wheel at a time.

  • Leave to dwell for around 30 seconds to 1 minute.

  • Take a microfibre cloth or wire brush and lightly scrub the wheel.

  • Take a second microfibre cloth and wipe down the excess dirt.

This should leave your wheels looking like they've just rolled out of the showroom!

With the weather getting worse and the roads getting dirtier, its more important now than any other time of the year to keep on top of your vehicles cleaning.

So why not give 4Earth HD Alloy Wheel Cleaner a try along with our other car detailing products, all available at great prices!!

Thanks for reading!

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