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Simple, Fast Answer To Cleaning Exterior Stone

Earlier this year 4Earth Cleaning Supplies launched 4Earth Hypo (15%). This product is now used by many professional exterior cleaning companies nationwide. From looking at the results it yields it is clear why this product is becoming one of our best selling and most trusted.

This blog will show you how simple it is to use and why our customers are going crazy for it!

First of all there are a couple of important issues you must know about before using this product.

  1. Do not let the product get into any sort of pond or places with aquatic life as it will be fatal to fish and such like.

  2. If you are using it around grass, shrubs, plants etc you must soak the grassy areas, shrubs etc before you start. This stops the product potentially damaging these areas.

  3. Only use it when you're in clothing you don't mind ruining as it can cause discolouration to clothing.

  4. Finally, take care to use all the usual PPE (glasses, mask, gloves etc). You can never be too careful!!

Once you've covered all of that you're ready to get down to business.


4Earth Hypo (15%) is best applied using a bucket / scrubbing brush or by pump sprayer. Personally I find it more effective using the brush as you are agitating the surface as you go and loosening up anything that might be a bit stubborn.

The product is formulated to attack and kill algae, lichens, mosses and such like (see picture).

When you are cleaning external stone and have assessed the area you will see areas that are more effected by these contaminants than others. That said I would recommend applying the 4Earth Hypo to the whole area you are cleaning. In my experience this gives a much more uniform clean.

Once you have applied the product you will likely see it working immediately.

I would advise leaving the product to work for 5-10 minutes then you can start the rinsing.

We recommend using a jet wash to rinse as the fastest and easiest method. You need not go too close with the lance as the product will be doing all the work. In certain circumstances where the stone is particularly heavily soiled you may need to blast small areas to get the best possible clean. You should see results like in the image to the bottom left.

When this first rinse has been completed I like to do a second rinse to make sure all the excess dirt is washed away, then leave it to dry.

When the area is dry it is advisable to sweep off any dirt, sand and any other debris. The area is now ready to be re-sanded and sealed if necessary.

It really is as simple as that. One person will be able to complete around 20 - 30m2 in an hour or so. 4Earth Hypo will work on all external stone and brick. More great results can be seen below and see the effects of 4Earth Hypo (15%) in the video as well.


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