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Ice Melting Product or Salt - Which Is The Most Effective Option?

Hi everyone,

This weeks blog is all about the best and most importantly, the safest products for deicing your floors, because...winter is coming...

As winter draws in so does the potential hazard of snow and ice around your home or business. For most people the best way to tackle this problem is using salt to melt away the issue.

However this isn't the only option on the market. There are products that work in similar ways as salt, but a lot more effectively.

4Earth Ice Safe contains Calcium Chloride which is a much more efficient and cost effective alternative to the conventional method of rock salt.

Here are the reasons why:

  • 4Earth Ice Safe absorbs moisture and in the process releases heat which in turn melts snow and ice faster on contact. We all know that the quicker the product works the better, right?

  • 4Earth Ice Safe works down to lower temperatures than salt. -31 degrees celsius in comparison to salt at -5 degrees celsius. Other Ice Melters also don't come close to those numbers.

  • Independent testing has shown that the ingredients of 4Earth Ice Safe are some of the least damaging to concrete. So you need not worry about your concrete or stone walkways and paths.

  • One of the big issues we get asked about from clients regarding 4Earth Ice Safe is how much of a mess it causes once it has been applied. A lot of the time with rock salt and other deicers you get a white powdery residue which gets everywhere! No one wants this additional mess in their home or business. Luckily, 4Earth Ice Safe only leaves a clear solution, so hardly any mess at all, saving you time and money on an extra clean up operation.

  • One thing that appears to be in the favour of salt is the cost. You can make significant savings on a bag of salt of the same weight to that of 4Earth Ice Safe. However, you must take into consideration the fact that 4Earth Ice Safe will melt up to twice as much snow and ice as rock salt, faster and down to lower temperatures. Therefore you are getting much better value for money from less product.

  • Finally, one other interesting point is that 4Earth Ice Safe can also prevent refreezing a lot better than rock salt. Thus saving you time and money on more labour to remove slip hazards created by snow and ice.

Hopefully the points above have been informative and maybe changed your mind on what to look for when it comes to deicing. However, the most important thing, regardless of what product you use, is safety both for yourself and if you're running a business, your customers!

4Earth Ice Safe is available from

Thanks for reading,

4Earth James

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