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The Easiest Way To Reduce Slip Risks Around Your Home or Business

Hi everyone,

Slip risks are everywhere. Arguably even more so at this time of year when there is a lot more wet weather.

Slippery floors around your home or business can be a very real danger to both you and the public. This was proven to me first hand only yesterday when I slipped on a concrete step at the front of a residential building. This particular slip was caused by algae that had not been cleaned off the step. This however is not the only danger when it comes to slip risks in every day situations.

We have completed jobs in many different public places which required a slip issue being resolved, Office buildings, public toilets, restaurants, restaurant kitchens, shopping centres, swimming pools, changing areas, the list is endless.

These slip issues can also be transferred into domestic environments as well. Imagine forgetting to mop up a spillage on a tiled floor in a kitchen or bathroom or perhaps slipping on your decking that hasn't been properly maintained.

The key to reducing these risks is finding the right approach and the right product to solve the issue. At 4Earth Cleaning Supplies we pride ourselves on being able to solve almost all commercial and domestic cleaning problems. Reducing slip risks is no different.

We offer a range of different anti slip treatments and coatings for almost all situations. Be it ceramic tile, vinyl, resin, wood, stone, marble, laminate, concrete, pretty much all surfaces.

However, the easiest and most stress free way to improve slip resistance is with an anti slip cleaner. 4Earth Cleans & Anti Slips does that very job. For use on all tile an stone floors it works in exactly the same way as most cleaning products. Just put a dose of the product into your cleaning bucket with water and clean your floors! Not only does it anti slip your floor but it has amazing cleaning power as well.

If you don't see a product that you need, just contact us and we can advise you on your best approach!

Thanks for reading,

4Earth James

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